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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Speed-Up product development with AI

Revolutionize your product development with AI for automated design optimization and performance prediction


Navigating the hurdles of incorporating AI in engineering tasks

Applying AI to engineering tasks such as CAD or FEA presents several challenges, including the lack of sufficient data to train AI models, difficulty in acquiring high-quality data that is relevant and accurate, representing large and complex models using AI algorithms, and the need for domain experts with a deep understanding of the specific engineering task to train and interpret the AI models in order to ensure their accuracy and applicability.


Easily integrate AI into your workflows, streamline the product development process and achieve better results

Automate data preprocessing and cleaning, provide pre-built, customizable templates for common AI tasks, provide an intuitive, user-friendly interface for training and interpreting AI models, enable engineers to understand the reasoning behind AI models decisions and integrate them into existing engineering workflows and tools. Facilitate the validation of the AI models against traditional simulation approaches to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Automated data generation

Synera automates data preparation for AI models, saving time and increasing data quality.

Democratization of AI

Low-code makes AI accessible to engineers with any level of expertise.

Facilitation of collaboration

Low-code simplifies the integration of AI into engineering workflows, fostering better collaboration between data science and engineering teams.

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