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Generative Design

Use algorithms to generate the best design based on goals and constraints

Improve engineering productivity and time to market with the automation of generative design.


Generative design is not yet a "go-to" tool in product development

Although the potential of generative design in product development is huge, large-scale use of the technology in the enterprise is usually not widespread. Generative Design is still an expert tool that most engineers cannot operate.


Democratization of designs based on goals and constraints

Bring the benefits of generative design to as many engineers as possible by using an easy-to-use low-code platform. Rapidly exploring innovative, manufacturable solutions and challenging your assumptions leads to higher quality, lower cost solutions.

Improved product performance

Create novel designs that feature weight reduction, improved structural integrity, and longer life.

Increased productivity

Generative design takes advantage of algorithms and automation to implement even more design ideas even faster.

Reduction of product costs

Identify generative design solutions to minimize material usage and compare the cost of different manufacturing methods.

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