Pioneering Connected Engineering for efficient die-casting design

Innovating the future of product development

Transforming the automotive industry with automated design for die-casting

IFA Group and Henniges Automotive, specialized suppliers to the automotive industry, embraced the innovative approach of Connected Engineering offered by Synera to accelerate their product development process. The development of the center bearing for a van's powertrain, a part manufactured by IFA and sourced by Henniges, was revolutionized by Synera's visual programming platform. The new approach digitalized the development process, allowing for an automated, efficient, and improved product development. The process reduced time spent on design changes, iterations, and validations, skipping 30 such loops and saving weeks of development time. The result was a center bearing that weighed 18% less, was developed 80% faster, and was stiffer than its predecessor. Synera's Connected Engineering allows the digitalize engineering tasks to be used repeatedly, offering a future where components adapt to changing conditions without starting from scratch, saving material, time, and igniting a new era in product development.

Project outcomes

saved time
In comparison to a classical development
Copy & paste of the process for similar parts
less weight
improved preformance and less costs