Revolutionizing rear axle development: A leap forward by MAN Truck & Bus

Accelerating Efficiency in Engineering with Synera

Groundbreaking Lightweight Design and Process Optimization with Synera

In the pursuit of engineering excellence, MAN Truck & Bus redefined the development process of their rear axles. The objective was clear: to enhance performance, lighten design and streamline production processes. The introduction of Synera, an innovative low-code visual programming tool, made this possible. With this platform, an array of design concepts was generated swiftly, resulting in a final product that surpassed all expectations. The rear axle was notably lighter, leading to improved overall performance of the buses. Michel Troitzsch, a concept engineer at MAN, expressed his excitement, stating that with Synera, the development time for finished components is anticipated to reduce by up to 50%. This achievement paves the way for MAN Truck & Bus into a new era of efficiency and sets the stage for future innovative designs in the manufacturing industry. Synera is enabling global companies to embrace cutting-edge technology to create lighter, more efficient designs. This success story demonstrates a commitment to innovation and the potential for disruptive advancements in manufacturing.

Project outcomes

weight reduction
Less weight means higher performance and less CO2 emissions.
reduction of development time
Cutting down development time by half