September 14, 2021

Synera in action: Loops

Looping through your algorithms opens up endless opportunities.

We have been working hard on this highly requested feature and are excited to announce that loops will be in our next release! Looping through your algorithms opens up endless opportunities.

Have you ever manually sized honeycomb structures to obtain more even combs? In Synera (formerly known as ELISE) you can loop through an algorithm until you get a satisfying result. Creating and adapting honeycomb structures to e.g. stress results is great to create lightweight designs!

Are you tired of manual iterations?
In this exemplary workflow, a polygon is moved and rotated to create a loft surface between the two polygons. This workflow is repeated to create a twisted tower. When using loops there is no need to manually change the geometry and number of levels. You just enter how many times the algorithm shall be looped through and get your result. Working with loops is extra helpful if you want to avoid repetitions and approach a result iteratively.

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