September 15, 2021

Synera in action: Shell Thickening

Integrate a shell thickness optimization into your automated processes.

How are you integrating shell thickness optimizations into your processes? With our open Generative Engineering software platform, you can create or import geometry, define a FEM setup, perform an optimization, thicken the mesh and transform it into a solid NURBS geometry without opening any other software solution. Synera (formerly known as ELISE) allows you to remote control other software solutions like Altair HyperWorks to automate your processes.

Watch two different approaches of performing a shell thickness optimization. A zone-based and an elementwise thickness optimization is included in an automated process, containing the definition of a shell FEM model and transferring the results into a final CAD part.

With Synera you can remote control Altair OptiStruct and integrate a shell thickness optimization into your automated processes.
By automating your processes on a single software platform you are freed from manual iterations and enabled to work creatively again!

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