EDAG uses Synera in line with what they believe to be the development process of the future.

less weight
EDGA uses Synera to collect data from multiple sources to create central quality assurance dashboards.
less software tools
In one year, EDAG almost doubled in size (48%). Synera helped them grow - without the growing pains.
less iterations
Automation plays an increasingly important role in EDAG’s efficiency. Synera allows for efficient scaling.

Automatic generation of design variants

An ISOFix bracket connects the visible Isofix brace in the vehicle interior to its car body and, as an interface element between the car body and the seat, has many variations. Thus the development process has a correspondingly large number of change loops.

In Synera, the part is developed using topology optimization, FEM validation and build job preparation. When boundary conditions change – such as design/non-design spaces, material and load case data – the ISOFix workflow automatically generates a new design variant. Parameters of the designs can be optimized to generate a design where the final build job needs the least amount of support structure.

Thanks to lower development costs and an added value through lightweight designs the way to small series production is prepared.

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