Hyundai empowers design innovation: Leveraging Synera's visual programming platform

Building future-ready automotive technology

Streamlining B-Pillar design with Synera: A game-changer for Hyundai

Synera's visual programming platform revolutionizes Hyundai's design process. Combining the power of connected engineering with additive manufacturing, it ushers in a new era of vehicle structure development. The automotive industry grapples with designing components like the B-Pillar connection, a critical part of the car body that must meet several stringent requirements during a side crash. Traditionally, Hyundai engineers painstakingly crafted these complex bionic structures using conventional CAD tools. With Synera, however, they were able to automate this process, significantly reducing development time and effort. Synera's generative algorithms created lightweight structures to replace the B-Pillar's design space, specifically tailored to withstand critical load cases. This automated approach, requiring no manual design, optimized the B-Pillar node, reducing its weight and increasing stiffness, while meeting all crucial constraints. Ultimately, Hyundai's partnership with Synera has set the stage for streamlined automotive design, illustrating the transformative potential of visual programming in engineering.

Project outcomes

weight reduction
Less weight means higher performance and less CO2 emissions.
saved time
The development time has been shortened by 80 percent
better performance
Reduction of the crash intrusion by 20 percent