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Rapidly developing technology, upheavals across numerous industries and tightening regulations are making it more challenging for companies to operate in an agile and cost-efficient way.

There’s a constant pressure to continuously deliver better performance, value and speed – both for decision makers and the operational teams.

Automation and digitization promise solutions – but come with their own challenges. This particularly affects companies that develop, design, and produce with the help of engineers.

Connected Engineering ushers in a new era of integrated product development. It does away with closed technological systems and team silos, in favor of creating open platforms that integrate all participants via intuitive handling.
This stores valuable knowledge that can be shared, adapted and reused at any time. This also hugely reduces the number of iteration loops and unproductive work routines.

Find out more in this whitepaper:

Why product development must be revolutionized
Which factors endanger growth and competitiveness
What potential agile methods can bring to processes and hardware
How seamless integration and networking of all data, tools and methods affects the success of companies and employees alike
How other companies are using connected engineering – and how you can get on board too.

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