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Cost Engineering

Discover how Low-Code can revolutionize cost engineering and procurement. Streamline costing processes and align with sustainability objectives.

The path to a cost engineering revolution

Accelerate cost estimation & CO2 analysis time by 80% using Low-Code

Do you find yourself relying on historical costs that may no longer be relevant due to the absence of a rule-based framework? The challenges in today's cost engineering and procurement landscape are real. But there is a solution. This whitepaper introduces Low-Code, a universal language that unifies all tools and information sources relevant to cost engineering. With Low-Code, data moves effortlessly through a digital thread, making it easy for cost engineers and other departments to share data between different tools and systems. Say goodbye to suboptimal decisions and operational inefficiencies and hello to streamlined costing processes. It's time to revolutionize cost engineering and procurement.

Key takeaways

  • Low-Code can accelerate cost estimation and CO2 analysis time by 80%
  • Low-Code can help cost engineers align with sustainability objectives, such as adhering to CO2 emission standards
  • Traditional knowledge transfer processes in cost engineering can be inefficient and create information silos
  • Synera Run can democratize automation and bridge the gap between expertise and accessibility
  • The cost estimation process can be vulnerable to critical knowledge gaps when valuable knowledge is concentrated within a select few individuals

Who has to read it?

  • Cost Engineers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Business leaders

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