Automated and democratized FEA processes

Democratizing FEA expertise

Envision a workflow where every designer can leverage expert-level FE analysis. Synera makes this possible by seamlessly integrating simulation know-how and your standard FEA tools into easy-to-access workflows, fostering a collaborative and efficient design environment.

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Confronting the core challenges in CAE automation

In the landscape of CAE, the democratization of simulation knowledge is pivotal. Synera offers a intuitive solution to prevalent industry challenges. Our approach focuses on making advanced simulation accessible to a broader range of professionals, fostering a more inclusive and efficient engineering environment. By addressing critical issues such as workforce imbalance and technical complexities, Synera is paving the way for a more collaborative and streamlined future in engineering design and analysis.

Workforce imbalance in simulation engineering

In the mechanical engineering industry, there is a critical shortage of simulation engineers compared to design engineers, resulting in extensive project backlogs or neglect of important simulations. Synera democratizes FEA to solve the imbalance, increase efficiency and accelerate innovation.

Limitations of CAD-embedded FEA

Many CAD systems feature integrated FEA tools, but these often lack the expert functions required for real-world applications. Synera closes this gap and enables designers to use FEA expert tools effectively, resulting in better design quality.

Maintenance of scripts and macros

Scripts, macros and Excel files, which are essential for automation, pose a major maintenance challenge. Synera allows for easy understanding and updating of automations, especially for new team members, resulting in increased transparency and collaborative workflow improvements.

Diverse APIs in engineering software

The different APIs of the various technical software products pose a major challenge when creating coherent processes. Synera resolves this diversity, which often exists in different programming languages, facilitating the integration of different products into a single, optimized workflow and increasing efficiency and cross-tool compatibility.

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Low-Code FEA automation simplifies engineering tasks, providing efficient simulations, streamlining development, and enhancing collaboration.

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Automated calculation processes and instant feedback on engineering designs add value to our design process for guide roll brackets or similar parts. Thanks to standardization of engineering processes including FE evaluation & reporting, Synera can be used to democratize engineering knowledge across teams and reduce overall development times.

Dr. Isabel Prause

Head of Design Concepts and Calculation, VOITH

With the introduction of Synera, I’m able to effortlessly explore countless axle concepts, ensuring that our designs can handle diverse passenger loads without failure. Moreover, this innovative tool has enabled us to cut down development time by an impressive 50%.

Michael Troitzsch

Concept Engineer, MAN Truck & Bus SE

Advantages of Synera in process automation for engineers

Expert-created templates

Synera automates FE analysis by enabling experts to craft user-friendly templates. These templates democratize advanced simulation tools, making them accessible to designers regardless of their FEA proficiency. This approach not only maximizes workforce efficiency but also ensures consistent quality across designs.

Robust integrations and marketplace

Our platform stands out with its vast integrations and marketplace, connecting users with a multitude of CAD, CAE, and PLM products. This eliminates the hassle of interfacing with different APIs, offering a unified, streamlined workflow experience. Synera's ecosystem fosters an environment where creativity and efficiency coexist.

See what you can automate with Synera

Algorithm-based FEA

Algorithm-based FEA

Reduce time and effort required to set up FEA models
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Design Automation

Design Automation

Automate repetitive and time-consuming design tasks
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Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)

Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)

Unlock complex and efficient design not possible with traditional CAD
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Topology Reconstruction

Topology Reconstruction

Automatic transfer from topology optimization to CAD
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