Synera Platform

Efficiency boost for your engineering projects

Save thousands of hours by automating repetitive engineering tasks, connecting your software tools and driving performance with an easy to use, node-based automation language.

Automate with ease

Create engineering automations within Synera's simple, node-based user interface. No programming required! Cover your design process with 1000+ built-in nodes for CAD, FEA, Optimization, Meshing or Reporting and more.

Save time, drive quality

Synera automations drastically speed up design iterations.
Remove manual interactions like file imports or selections, run more iterations and create higher performance products  within your deadlines.

Visualize everything

Forget the visualization struggles that come with scripting tools. Synera's integrated 3D viewer let's you see what you automate – at every step of the process.
Automatically assign colors and annotations to create reports that show what's important.

Connect your tools

Automate within your existing tool landscape. With support for 17+ geometry, simulation and data formats as well as connections to popular CAD, PLM, simulation and data processing tools there are virtually no limits to the automations you can build.

Customize and expand

Automation doesn't stop at Synera's core functionality. Build your own custom nodes and templates to reuse your automations efficiently. If nodes are not enough, add Python scripts through an integrated editor and manage your best automations in team libraries.

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Visual programming interface

One language for all your automations

Synera's automation editor is built with usability in mind.
It's visual, node-based approach provides a low-level entry into the world of engineering automation. With Synera, automation workflows can be created without the friction of writing and running code while being easy to manage and maintain.

All-in-one solution

Automate everything within your tool landscape

1000+ built-in nodes let you connect and automate your established CAx and productivity tools, use existing scripts and extend your horizon with cutting edge add-ins from our marketplace.

Connect 20+ CAD, meshing, analysis and productivity tools

1000+ nodes for CAD, analysis, data, and file operations

Use Python and C# scripts or web APIs

Remote control your favorite engineering tools

Synera comes with with powerful connectors to state-of-the-art CAx applications, productivity tools and web APIs. Connect the tools along your whole engineering process and save precious time on every design iteration.

EAGEL configurator for 
electric drive unit

This interconnected workflow facilitates optimized 
updates to the concept model.​

Automate beyond nodes with scripting

Synera's abilities don't end with low-code!
Its Python script node and integrated editor opens the door for even the most complex automations, connecting your CAD geometries or simulation results with Python's vast ecosystem for data processing and machine learning.

In addition to Python, Synera supports C#, Matlab and TCL scripts for computationally heavy work or special pre- and post-processing of your simulation setups.

Integrate existing scripts into Synera automations

Use your Python or Anaconda environments

Connect the whole world of CAE in our Marketplace

While Synera has a limited set of built-in nodes, our Marketplace provides additional, cutting edge tools from our software partners, giving you access to an even greater set of automation possibilities.Save time by connecting your cooling channel design directly to an injection molding analysis or automate build preparation for Additive Manufacturing – everything is possible with the Synera Marketplace.

18+ Software partners

40+ Add-ins

Don’t worry about licensing

One license for all our add-ins

Synera comes with a flexible, token-based license system.
All nodes – built-in or from an add-in – draw tokens from your company's token pool while running. Access the whole of Synera's add-ins without ever having to deal with third party licenses.

Explore our pricing model

Integrate your tool into the Synera ecosystem

Discover Synera as an additional distribution channel for  your expert CAx tool. Once integrated as an add-in into our Marketplace, your software benefits from our marketing efforts and grown outreach to OEMs and engineering service providers.

Become a Synera Software Partner

Manage and share

Reuse your automations and empower your colleagues

Synera provides an automation environment for your whole team.

Organize and reuse your automations with Libraries

Synera's power is in your automation workflows.
Save time and reduce errors by saving your most valuable automations as templates or even as new nodes in individual or shared Synera libraries – allowing for easy reuse in multiple projects.
Contribute to your team's automations by making your own expert nodes available to team members – protected against modifications and without giving away your secret sauce.

Create new nodes with a simple UI

Reuse your nodes per automation, project or team

Make your automations accessible

Enable unlimited users inside your organization to run your Synera automations via an easy-to-use web interface.Automation experts host their engineering workflows on an on-premise Synera Run server. Engineers can access these workflows via link, upload their input data, inspect and visualize results in 3D and download relevant data and reports.

Turn any Synera automation into a web user interface

Provide fast access to expert automation workflows

Learn more

Fast journey to component reutilization

Discover how Purem by Eberspächer transformed its component development process with Synera Run, enabling rapid, automated component comparisons to leverage existing parts, significantly reducing development time and decrease costs.