Bridging tradition with tomorrow's tech

In the engineering landscape, tradition meets innovation. As we navigate the digital frontier, the call for elevated functionality and seamless integration between legacy tools and cutting-edge software intensifies. Amid this accelerated pace, companies are propelled to re-envision their blueprint for triumph.

Navigating the challenge of complexity & speed

As product complexities rise, the market demands swiftness. In this landscape, where detailed design converges with pressing timelines, Connected Engineering emerges as the solution. We're dedicated to crafting solutions that harness its power, ensuring swift yet sturdy innovation.

Expertise in evolution: legacy meets new wave

In the evolving world of engineering, as seasoned experts pass the torch, preserving their knowledge is crucial. We address this with Connected Engineering, digitizing and sharing expert insights for easy reuse. Our goal? To lead the transformation and champion the next wave of engineering excellence.

What is Connected Engineering?

Imagine if all the different tools your engineering team uses could talk to each other, and all your experts, no matter their specialty, could easily collaborate. That's Connected Engineering.

Tools talking and teams collaborating

Connected Engineering is about two key things: Connecting the diverse software tools engineers use and bringing together experts from different departments. When our software tools sync up seamlessly and our people collaborate effortlessly, we save time, reduce errors, and innovate faster.

A unified language: The power of Low-Code

Connected Engineering needs a shared language. With Synera, we introduce a Low-Code approach to engineering. This means experts, even from different backgrounds, can work together using the same language. It's a game-changer for speeding up hardware development and introducing agility into our processes.

The result: Agile hardware development

When we talk about agility in software, we mean quick, iterative, and flexible development. With Connected Engineering, we bring that agility to hardware design. By automating tools and connecting experts, we are able to adapt, iterate, and innovate hardware faster than ever before.

Connected Engineering has revolutionized our operations at RLE International, marking a significant shift in our engineering approach. Its ability to seamlessly integrate various tools and automate key processes has greatly enhanced our project efficiency and teamwork.

Tilman Steininger

Engineer, RLE International

Connected Engineering: The Process Automation solution for engineers

Connected Engineering encapsulates a foundational IT architecture that encompasses the entire product development lifecycle. By embedding the digital thread principle into all operational aspects, it enhances interoperability and elevates engineering precision.

Integrated infrastructure

A cohesive low-code framework that binds disparate engineering tools.

Real-time data exchange

Enables continuous communication across multiple platforms.

Streamlined workflow processes

Minimizes redundancies, promoting cross-functional collaboration.

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Synera is a low-code platform promoting efficient automation and collaboration across departments. The platform enables Connected Engineering by seamlessly integrating multi-vendor CAD and FEA tools, encapsulating expert knowledge, and supporting model-based engineering for the creation of reusable, customizable workflows.

What exactly is Connected Engineering?

Connected Engineering is an approach that interlinks all aspects of the engineering process, from design to execution, enabling seamless integration of tools, methodologies, and teams. With Synera, this concept is brought to life, ensuring all elements of the engineering lifecycle are interconnected, promoting efficiency and collaboration.

How does the Synera platform enhance the Connected Engineering experience?

Synera acts as the engineering automation backbone, bridging the gaps between disparate tools and processes. Its capacity to integrate both modern and legacy tools ensures a cohesive workflow, dismantling silos and fostering a truly interconnected engineering environment.

How will Connected Engineering benefit my team's productivity?

By streamlining processes, reducing redundancy, and promoting real-time collaboration, Connected Engineering boosts efficiency. Your team can access tools and data effortlessly, ensuring tasks are completed faster and decision-making is more informed.

Is Synera compatible with all engineering tools on the market?

While Synera is designed to be highly adaptable, connecting with a vast array of both modern and legacy tools, specific compatibility can vary. However, our platform's versatility and the assistance of our engineering partners ensure that most integrations are feasible. Get in contact with us to ask for compatibilities.