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The Synera Effect

Average reduction
of development time

Up to
of manual iteration steps

Up to
More productivity

Why enterprise engineering teams use Synera

Why engineering team leaders trust Synera

Engineering leaders love Synera because it increases the efficiency and productivity of their teams.
  • Automate the process
    Connect your existing tool landscape and automate recurring tasks. Spend less time worrying about deadlines and results.
  • Get the full picture in ONE platform
    No more data silos and migration headaches: transition from document-based to agile model-based engineering.
  • Scale your engineering processes
    Synera gives you the ability to retain reusable processes and transfer knowledge and intellectual property.
Your ________ Process

Why C-Suite leverages Synera

C-Level Management loves Synera because of the acceleration in product development it provides, democratizing engineering digitalization.
  • Future-proof product development
    Empower your engineering teams to program like developers.
  • Reduce Time-to-Market
    Through automation, your organization can greatly accelerate innovation, product development, and iteration.
  • Democratize engineering knowledge
    Engineering teams finally speak ONE language—any engineer can resume where the other previously stopped.
Your ________ Future

Why engineers love Synera

Our users love Synera because they can work smarter and more efficiently—without errors and costly mistakes.
  • Unlock a developer’s superpower
    Thanks to our Low-Code interface, you can program like developers, automate recurring tasks, and connect your tools.
  • Never start from scratch again
    Digitalize your work and simply reuse your workflows in your next iteration.
  • You build your process to the product
    Synera will help you design the process and allow you to remote control your existing tools, scripts and technologies.
Your ________ Work

Accelerate your product development process

Leverage the technology you already use and create new possibilities

A lot of potential for the development process of tomorrow!
Nils Störmer
MAN Truck & Bus
Awesome software and team with great potential!
Andreas Schneider
BMW, Group Design
Young, dynamic with a lot of potential.
Adam Rozynski
MAN Truck & Bus
The next level of design and validation
Marco Gosch
Ariane Group
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Any more questions?

Do you want to discuss your project with an expert, get a custom demo, or become a partner? Feel free to drop us a line! Get in touch with us.

Is there a free trial available for Synera?

Yes, you can try Synera free for 14 days. We can provide you with an onboarding call to get you up and running as soon as possible. Simply sign up here.

Does Synera replace existing CAE tools?

Synera is an OPEN connected engineering platform which connects the tools, data and teams involved in the product development process. We have full CAD as well as basic FEA functionalities but we can also integrate existing CAD & FEA tools in our open low code platform.

What is the pricing for Synera?

To give you maximum flexibility to get access to the right tool for the job, we have created a digital currency on a subscription basis so that you can access our whole ecosystem. Learn more on the platform page.

How much time does it take to implement Synera?

An implementation of Synera can take anywhere between a few days and a few weeks, depending on your project and resources. We support you with our guided roadmap to Connected Engineering.

What prior knowledge do I need to use Synera?

We have all the training data and academy content to bring you up to speed quickly with customized learning paths. Logical and algorithmic thinking and open-mindedness will help!