Enhance your Altair HyperWorks experience with Synera

Automate your CAE workflows with the advanced automation capabilities of our Low-Code platform. Say goodbye to TCL scripting, enhance CAD capabilities in HyperMesh, and access advanced topology optimization reconstruction.

Introducing Synera:
Elevating HyperWorks functionality

As an official partner of Altair we provide a revolutionary low-code automation platform specifically tailored for HyperMesh and OptiStruct users. As an integral part of the Altair ecosystem, Synera enhances HyperWorks functionalities, offering a new realm of possibilities for automation and design optimization. Our platform's unique approach to integrating Siemens Parasolid CAD capabilities with HyperMesh and OptiStruct streamlines engineering workflows, making complex CAE processes efficient and user-friendly.

Easy-to-use HyperWorks automation

Synera’s easy-to-use visual programming language transforms the way engineers automate tasks in HyperMesh. By eliminating complex TCL scripting, Synera opens up automation to a broader range of users, making process optimization more accessible and efficient.

CAD capabilities for HyperWorks

Synera integrates advanced CAD kernels, including Siemens Parasolid, Voxels, Meshes, and Polynurbs, to work in harmony with HyperMesh and OptiStruct. This integration simplifies setting geometric rule-based boundary conditions and automating topology optimization reconstruction, making these processes more intuitive and efficient than ever before.

Drag-and-Drop reporting for HyperWorks

Synera's reporting features offer versatility and ease of use for engineering teams. It supports diverse formats like graphics, diagrams, PDFs, markup files, and Excel reports.Templates streamline the reporting process, ensuring standardized and time-efficient reporting across projects. This makes Synera an effective tool for presenting complex engineering data.

Build your meshing automations 
with the power of Low-Code

Hypermesh Shell Mesh

Leverage Altair Hypermesh's comprehensive shell meshing capabilities through a simplified, Low-Code interface. Integrate your geometry and parameters easily, utilizing Hypermesh's advanced features. This streamlined approach facilitates subsequent automation steps, such as building a complete finite element model or assessing mesh quality, enhancing efficiency and precision in your engineering workflows.

Hypermesh Solid Mesh

Harness the specialized capabilities of Altair Hypermesh for solid meshing with an accessible, low-code approach. Tailor your meshing process with dedicated settings for both surface and solid meshes. Choose from various options, such as merging solid settings, selecting element order, and configuring node intersections. Customize quality preferences to suit your specific requirements. This user-friendly interface empowers you to optimize your solid meshing workflow with precision and ease, ensuring high-quality outcomes in your engineering projects.

Automate the OptiStruct solver

OptiStruct FEA Solver

Synera seamlessly integrates with Altair's OptiStruct, offering customizable inputs for model details, processor allocation, and command line arguments. Advanced features include the ability to modify solver paths for batch execution and adding custom lines in the .fem file, enhancing flexibility. The solver provides a fully solved model, detailed logs, and file paths, ensuring high-quality outcomes in engineering analyses with nuanced control over simulation parameters.

OptiStruct Optimizer

The OptiStruct Optimizer node in Synera is a tool for optimizing engineering designs using finite element analysis. It connects to Altair's OptiStruct solver and allows users to refine models based on specific requirements. Users can input various details like model name, constraints, objectives, and processor usage. The tool supports different types of optimizations, such as topology and sizing. It also provides options for detailed customization and produces comprehensive outputs including the optimized model and process information.

Get started with Synera for Hyperworks: Download the APA Edition for just 60 Altair Units