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Revolutionizing component pricing and CO2 emissions:
Synera's innovative solution for efficiency and accuracy

The current method for determining component pricing and CO2 emissions is inefficient and complex, relying on spreadsheets, custom software, web service API calls, and specialized databases. This process is time-consuming, dependent on individual expertise, and lacks scalability.

Synera offers a solution by integrating cost engineers' insights into automated workflows, connecting with popular cost estimation tools, and simplifying automated workflow execution through its Synera Run feature. This makes it accessible to non-technical staff and ensures faster and accurate pricing decisions.

How Synera solves your costing problems

Full Automation with Human Expertise

Synera brings together the power of automation and the irreplaceable expertise of cost engineers, offering a unique blend that improves both speed and quality of pricing decisions.

CAD and Geometry Analysis

Advanced CAD capabilities are built into Synera, enabling precise geometric analyses which are essential for accurate and reliable cost estimates.

Transparency and Trust

Synera’s capabilities for process documentation and debugging at any stage bring an unprecedented level of transparency and trust to the automated pricing process.

Intuitive, Canvas-Style UI

Synera features a user-friendly interface that allows for drag-and-drop customization of automation workflows. This eliminates the need for programming and offers real-time documentation and debugging, enhancing transparency and trust.

Multi-Tool Integration

Synera acts as an integration hub for all your pricing tools. Its open API allows for easy integration with any other tools that are part of your pricing or procurement ecosystem.

Enterprise Compatibility & Scalability

Designed for seamless integration into existing enterprise IT systems, including ERP and PLM, Synera can easily scale to meet the needs of any size organization.

Easily connect & automate your costing tools

Discover how to get full transparency of the logic how to come to a pricing.

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Synera's live link between geometric data and costing tools empowers engineers with accurate insights, leading to optimal decisions in component costs. This collaboration directly supports purchasing and results in significant cost savings."

Heinrich Schmidt

Consultant Digitalization, ARRK Engineering GmbH

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