Cost Engineering: The age of real-time automation

Say goodbye to manual calculations, endless spreadsheets, and outdated data!

Cost engineers are tasked with determining the most cost-effective manufacturing techniques, a challenge often contingent upon fluctuating production volumes. Yet, despite its significance, the processes governing cost estimations in engineering frequently fall short, resulting in suboptimal decisions and operational inefficiencies that ripple across the entire organization.

During the recorded session, you'll learn everything about:

  • The current challenges of cost engineering
  • How to apply automation solutions and optimize cost calculations in real-time
  • Leveraging the power of customizable cost models

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Check the recording of our Thought Leadership webinar: Revolutionizing Cost Engineering: Building your own cost robot

Our speakers

Jousef Murad

Senior Product & Marketing Manager

Synera GmbH

Heinrich Schmidt

Consultant Digitalization

ARRK Engineering GmbH

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ARRK Engineering GmbH


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