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Time constraints

In automotive ESPs and OEMs, the imbalance of one simulation expert to ten part designers creates bottlenecks, delaying design processes and stifling innovation due to prolonged waits for essential simulation results.

Embracing change

Adapting to evolving consumer preferences and market demands is a significant challenge, as it requires teams to rapidly align with new trends and technologies, often necessitating a shift in traditional methodologies and mindsets.

Change management

Driving change within an organization can be a daunting task, particularly when teams are reluctant or resistant to new directions. This resistance can create a challenging environment for implementing necessary tools, impacting the overall success of your initiatives.

Adapting to rapid technological evolution

Keeping pace with the rapid evolution of technology can be overwhelming, leading to a feeling that your strategies are perpetually a step behind the latest advancements. This relentless technological progression can make your current strategies seem outdated before they are even fully implemented.

Cost savings with performance boost

Uncover how Synera enabled EDAG to transform its development process, leading to 40% time and weight savings, amplified efficiency, and economic success.

Accelerating your path to innovation

Overcome time constraints, navigate automotive challenges and unite your team towards a visionary future

Accelerated product development

Synera's low-code automation streamlines engineering by minimizing manual tasks and expediting product development tenfold. By focusing on digitally mapping every step of the R&D process, Synera enables engineering teams to innovate swiftly and efficiently, addressing the automotive industry's pressing time constraints and enhancing the journey from design to deployment.

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Enhanced collaboration & knowledge sharing

By breaking down silos, Synera enables engineers to share and scale their best automations, fostering a more collaborative and efficient work environment. This approach mitigates the challenge of internal resistance and aligns teams with the technological vision.

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Empowerment through Low-Code

By leveraging a visual low-code language tailored for engineers, Synera empowers users to automate complex tasks without extensive coding knowledge. This automation involves connecting and automatically running engineering design and simulation tools, eliminating repetitive manual tasks. With an intuitive UI and built-in visualization capabilities for geometries and results, Synera not only addresses the challenge of rapid technological evolution but also offers a platform for seamless adaptation in engineering R&D.

Workflows that save time

Connecting design and analysis

Discover RLE's transformation story; breaking design and analysis barriers with Synera's innovative solutions, fostering efficiency and creativity.

With the introduction of Synera, I’m able to effortlessly explore countless axle concepts, ensuring that our designs can handle diverse passenger loads without failure. Moreover, this innovative tool has enabled us to cut down development time by an impressive 50%.

Michael Troitzsch

Concept Engineer, MAN Truck & Bus SE

Synera has revolutionized our job preparation and design for AM at Brose. What used to take hours now takes minutes, allowing us to focus more on innovation and complex design. It allows us to create our own functions and processes that no other software can do, allowing us to do things that were impossible before.

Jan Sander

Specialist Additive Manufaturing, Brose

The introduction of Synera has been a game-changer for development engineers like me. Creating end-to-end AM processes and sending the result directly to the 3D printer has simplified component development to a great extent. The resulting benefits in time savings, weight reduction, and part quality are unbelievably.

Richard Kordaß

Project Leader Innovation, EDAG

Automated calculation processes and instant feedback on engineering designs add value to our design process for guide roll brackets or similar parts. Thanks to standardization of engineering processes including FE evaluation & reporting, Synera can be used to democratize engineering knowledge across teams and reduce overall development times.

Dr. Isabel Prause

Head of Design Concepts and Calculation, VOITH

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