Revolutionizing Cost Engineering: Building your own cost robot

Say goodbye to manual calculations, endless spreadsheets, and outdated data!

In this webinar, we explore the challenges of cost engineering

During the recorded session, you'll learn everything about:

  • The current landscape and challenges of cost engineering
  • How to apply automation solutions and optimize cost calculations in real-time
  • Leveraging the power of customizable cost models
  • What's on the horizon with design to cost for best price predictions

Check the recording of our Product webinar: Cost Engineering: The age of real-time automation

Our speakers

Dr. Moritz Maier


Synera GmbH

Petrus Petrus

Head of Digitalization Group

ARRK Engineering GmbH

Ralf Altpeter

General Manager


Our partner

ARRK Engineering GmbH


ARRK Engineering is a global development partner for automotive and mobility, offering end-to-end support for product development. This includes concept phase, series development, validation, and integration of mechanical and electronic components. Our expertise extends to e-mobility, autonomous driving, and software development in a digitalized environment. Efficient project management ensures we meet development goals with our customers.



The FACTON EPC Suite is the leading Enterprise Product Costing (EPC) solution for the automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering and electronics industries. Its specific solutions comprehensively meet the requirements of top management and the individual departments in the company. FACTON EPC enables maximum transparency in product costs across all phases of the product life cycle through company-wide, standardised costing across locations and departments. Companies accelerate their cost calculation, achieve high cost accuracy and thereby secure their profitability.

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