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Topology Reconstruction

Automatic transfer from topology optimization to CAD

Automatic generation of lightweight designs using topology optimization and reconstruction into solid CAD geometry.


Topology optimization potential limited by CAD transfer time

The consistent application of structural optimization is limited due to the complexity of topology optimization results and the costly and time-consuming reconstruction of these results in CAD. The potential that could be achieved through topology optimization is often lost in the CAD design process.


Workflow including result interpretation, and CAD conversion

Workflow for topology optimization pre-processing, simulation (e.g. simulated with Altair® OptiStruct or Hexagon® Generative Design), cleaning and interpretation of topology optimization results using advanced remeshing and automated conversion into a solid CAD geometry.

Speed Up

Save up to 95% of time & costs with automatic CAD reconstruction of topology optimization results.


Leverage optimization results that lead to lightweight, stiff, and safe components across the entire engineering department.


Apply topology optimization to reduce carbon footprint and protect resources.

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