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Design to Cost

Design products to minimize cost without sacrificing quality or functionality

Design to cost is a strategy that minimizes product cost while maintaining quality and functionality. This approach helps create cost-effective products that are competitive in the market and profitable for the company, while meeting customer needs.


Balancing cost reduction with product quality and functionality using CAD and FEA tools.

One of the main challenges of design to cost is balancing the need to reduce cost with the need to maintain the quality and functionality of the product. This can be difficult when using CADand FEA tools, as these tools often rely on the use of more expensive materials or complex designs to achieve the desired performance. It can be a challenge to find cost-effective alternatives that still meet the required performance standards.


Overcoming the challenge of design to cost with automation

Synera helps to streamline the design to cost process and make it more efficient by providing accurate and up-to-date cost data, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and helping to ensure that the final product meets the required performance standards.

Design Optimization

Automated design optimization can help identify cost-saving opportunities in the product design. This can include identifying opportunities to use lower-cost materials or streamlining the design to reduce the number of components.

Cost estimation

Automated cost estimation can quickly and accurately calculate the cost of a product based on the design and materials used. This can help ensure that the product is being designed to meet the target cost.

Testing and simulation

Automated testing and simulation helps identifying potential issues with the product design and suggests cost-effective alternatives. For example, Synera can be used to analyze the structural performance of a product and suggest ways to improve the design or use lower-cost materials without sacrificing performance.

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