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Mass Customization

Effortlessly develop customized products

Effortlessly develop customized products


Customization can be time-consuming and labor-intensive

Designing a product line with numerous customizations can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, often requiring manual rework and adaptation. The classic development tools often used for this task can be disproportionately time-consuming, and individualizing each part of a series often requires a remodel of the necessary geometry for each part.


Eliminating manual rework and adaptation in custom product development

Design automation software like Synera supports mass customization by automating the creation of custom designs, generating multiple design alternatives, and conducting simulations to test and optimize the performance of customized products.

Automate design

Generate custom designs based on the input provided by you or your customers. Reduce the time and effort to create customized products, and improve the accuracy and consistency of the designs.

Design alternatives

Generate multiple design alternatives based on a set of input parameters and easily xplore different options to find the best solution

Conduct simulations

Conduct simulations of different design alternatives to enablie your designers to test and optimize the performance of customized products before they are produced

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