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Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)

Unlocking the full potential of additive manufacturing

Balancing performance, aesthetics, and cost: the complexities of DfAM


Navigating the multi-tool landscape in design for additive manufacturing

The main challenge in DfAM is to create parts with the desired functional and mechanical properties while balancing cost, design aesthetics, and the limitations of the specific additive manufacturing technology. This requires the orchestration of multiple specialized software tools.


Simplifying DfAM through low-code Integration of specialized tools

Synera streamlines the DfAM process by integrating multiple specialized software tools, reducing the need for manual input, minimizing human error, and providing a unified interface to evaluate design options and optimize production. This enhances collaboration, increases transparency and control, and simplifies the use of specialized software tools in DfAM.


Simplification of the design and production process by integrating multiple specialized software tools.

Increased transparency

Enhanced visibility and control throughout the DfAM process, simplifying monitoring and management of data inputs and outputs from multiple software tools.

Handling of complexity

Efficient management of DfAM complexity through a centralized platform for evaluating design choices and optimizing production

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