EDAG's Success Story: Powering Innovation with Synera

Uncover how Synera enabled EDAG to transform its development process, leading to 40% time and weight savings, amplified efficiency, and economic success.

EDAG transformed their development process, achieving a significant 40% time and weight savings through Synera compared to traditional development tools they have used before. This eliminates manual iterations, empowering engineers to focus on solution methodologies and automations while reducing dependence on specialized knowledge and programming languages. Implementing Synera enables EDAG to develop faster, handle multiple projects simultaneously, and drive economic success with enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Time and Weight Savings: The example of an ISOFix bracket demonstrates a 40% time savings and a 40% reduction in weight compared to traditional development methods.

Automated Component Generation: Synera’s ability to generate components automatically eliminates the need for manual design and development from scratch. By describing the development path rather than reconstructing the component, engineers can quickly adapt designs by changing parameters, leading to faster iterations and a more efficient development process.

Empowering Engineers and Increasing Efficiency: Synera's visual programming language allows engineers to automate tasks across system boundaries and disciplines without requiring extensive programming knowledge, leading to increased speed, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously.

Discover the future of product development with Synera!