March 6, 2024

Connected Engineering

Konstruktionspraxis article: Digital turbo for the design process

ARRK Engineering, a key player in automotive development, is revolutionising high-voltage battery simulation, improving collaboration and automating processes with the Synera low-code engineering platform. Amidst the complexities of electrification in vehicle development, the integration of digital tools such as simulation, AI and machine learning is critical. Traditionally, simulation phases are bottlenecked, leading to longer time-to-market cycles - a challenge OEMs can't afford in a competitive market.

ARRK Engineering is taking a connected engineering approach with Synera, streamlining digital processes and interdisciplinary collaboration. Using a universal low-code platform, engineers seamlessly share expertise, define parameters and map workflows, reducing manual effort and facilitating efficient template reuse.

The versatility of the low-code platform is demonstrated in a feasibility study where ARRK Engineering models a design of experiments (DoE) workflow. They analyse a dynamic simulation of the lateral collision of a high-voltage storage structure with a pile, automating the creation and simulation of different CAD variants.

By using Synera's connectivity to their simulation infrastructure, ARRK Engineering achieves seamless integration with tools such as ANSA, LS-Dyna and Animator, accelerating the simulation process.

The collaborative platform enables real-time visualisation of results, facilitating rapid evaluation and comparison of design alternatives. This efficient workflow not only saves time, but also serves as a blueprint for future projects, improving long-term design validation.

Synera's integration of different tools and departments streamlines collaboration, reducing waiting times by up to 30%. In essence, ARRK Engineering's adoption of the Synera low-code platform represents a paradigm shift in automotive development, enabling efficient interdisciplinary collaboration and accelerating time-to-market in an increasingly competitive industry.

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Would you like to learn more about Connected Engineering? Read the full article in Konstruktionspraxis (in german) and discover the benefits of this innovative approach.

About ARRK Engineering (Synera Silver Partner)

ARRK Engineering is a global development partner for automotive and mobility, offering end-to-end support for product development. This includes concept phase, series development, validation, and integration of mechanical and electronic components. Our expertise extends to e-mobility, autonomous driving, and software development in a digitalized environment. Efficient project management ensures we meet development goals with our customers.


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