March 22, 2024

Sustainable product development

Guest article by our Co-CEO Moritz Maier before the Handelsblatt "Summit AI x Green Transition"

The guest article of our Co-CEO Moritz Maier underlines the increasing importance of sustainability in engineering and product development, driven by regulatory requirements and environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives. Synera offers a low-code solution to address the complexities of sustainable engineering, aiming to seamlessly integrate sustainability into the design and manufacturing process.

A key focus is on lightweighting, which reduces material consumption and consequently the carbon footprint over the product's lifecycle. This optimisation requires consideration of various parameters such as geometry, material selection, reusability, supply chains and costs, and due to the complexity involved, requires automation tools.

Our Co-CEO Moritz Maier will speak at the Handelsblatt "Summit AI x Green transition"

Synera facilitates the integration of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tools from the design stage, enabling engineers to understand the environmental impact early on and make informed decisions in line with sustainability goals. This integration not only saves time, but also ensures that environmental considerations are central to the design process.

In addition, Synera enables multi-objective optimisation to balance performance and environmental impact. By calculating and optimising sustainability metrics such as carbon footprint, it ensures that final designs are both efficient and environmentally sustainable, while remaining cost effective.

The article concludes by highlighting the critical role of automation technologies in managing the complexity associated with sustainable design. It argues that these tools are fundamental to the future of sustainable products and manufacturing, and suggests a way forward to meet global sustainability agendas in engineering practice.

Read Co-CEO Moritz Maier's full article before the Handelsblatt "Summit AI x Green Transition"
Would you like to learn more about sustainable product development? Read the full article (in german).

Handelsblatt "Summit AI x Green Transition" (May 16, 2024)
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