Engineering automation made deliciously simple

Wouldn't it be sweet to make your engineering automation work as easy as this s'more recipe?

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Low-Code helps you automate your engineering processes, freeing you of iterative work

Automating your engineering processes with low-code instead of writing lines of code

  • is much faster
  • let's you use our pre-built interfaces to your engineering tools.
  • is much more readable and understandable for others
  • enables you to see every step of your work in our viewer

Make your automations available for everyone to use

Do you want to enable others to use your workflow without security risks, installations or onboardings? No problem! With Synera Run, you can share your work with your colleagues while protecting your IP. All that your colleagues need is a browser.
Try out how easy parametric workflows in the web can be and build your own perfect s’more!

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