May 16, 2024

Accelerating Innovation at the Handelsblatt Summit

Embracing Generative Design and AI in the Development Workflow of the BMW Group

The Handelsblatt Summit "AI x Green Transition 2024", held at the Greentech Festival, showcased the transformative potential of AI and Generative Design in the automotive industry. Dr. Moritz Maier, Co-Founder of Synera, joined Dr. Christian Vogl Vogl from the BMW Group to present a keynote titled "Accelerating Innovation: Embracing Generative Design and AI in BMW’s Development Workflow." The event underscored how cutting-edge technologies are reshaping the development processes at the BMW Group.

Key insights from the presentation

Generative Design and AI: Catalysts for innovation

Generative Design and AI have emerged as pivotal elements in accelerating the product development of the BMW Group. These technologies enable engineers to create, evaluate, and iterate designs rapidly, fostering a more agile and innovative development environment. Dr. Vogl highlighted how Generative Design leverages algorithms to explore a vast design space, optimizing for performance and efficiency on an example of a shelf sandwich construction.

Synera’s role in the workflow of the BMW Group

Synera’s platform plays a crucial role in this transformation. As Dr. Maier emphasized, Synera integrates various data sources and CAE tools into a seamless digital thread, digitizing data from all relevant processes. This integration not only enhances the quality of the training data but also ensures that AI models can be effectively utilized to speed up complex engineering workflows.

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UI of Synera showing the input parameters of a workflow and its AI prediction in stiffness and weight.

AI: Accelerating engineering workflows

AI’s ability to speed up engineering tasks and provide deep insights into design optimization is a game-changer. By using trained AI models, the BMW Group can accelerate its development processes, ensuring that the best solutions are identified within a massive design space. This capability is instrumental in reducing time-to-market and managing the increased complexity of modern automotive design.

Creating high-quality training data

One of the critical aspects discussed was the creation of high-quality training data. Synera’s platform facilitates the generation of these datasets, which are essential for training AI models. This capability ensures that the models are robust and capable of addressing the intricate challenges of automotive development.

JARVIS: the vision realized

Reflecting on the advanced capabilities of AI, Dr. Maier drew parallels to JARVIS, Tony Stark’s AI assistant from the Marvel universe. The vision of creating an AI that can assist engineers in real-time is closer to reality than ever before. Synera, in collaboration with the BMW Group, is pushing the boundaries of what is possible, moving towards a future where AI-driven assistance is an integral part of the engineering workflow.

Using Synera inside an AR/VR environment with AI predictions of shape and performance enables engineers to act like Tony Stark.


The Handelsblatt Summit AI x Green Transition 2024 highlighted how Generative Design and AI are not just theoretical concepts but practical tools that are currently enhancing  the  development processes of the BMW Group. Synera is proud to support the BMW Group in this journey, providing one of the technological backbones that enable these advancements. As the industry continues to evolve, the collaboration between Synera and the BMW Group exemplifies how AI and generative design can drive innovation and efficiency in automotive engineering.

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