September 16, 2023

Low-Code Technology for Agile Hardware Development

Breakout Session with our CO-CEO Moritz Maier at the APA Automotive Tech Day

Our Co-CEO Moritz Maier joined the expert panel discussion at the Altair Partner Alliance Automotive Tech Day, June 15th september 2023.

The automotive sector is currently in the midst of a digital transformation, driven by the emergence of electric vehicles, self-driving technology, and interconnected vehicles. This profound change is redefining the entire process of car development, production, and distribution. To delve into the prospects and hurdles presented by this transformation, this automotive industry gathering convened influential figures from various facets of the automotive world. They came together to exchange their perspectives on propelling forward this digital revolution.

Moritz talked at is breakout session about "Harnessing Low-Code Technology for Agile Hardware Development and Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Operations"

In the wake of the digital revolution, the automotive industry has undergone a profound metamorphosis, embracing advanced technologies and digital tools to engineer intricate systems. This paradigm shift towards digitalization has facilitated enhanced collaboration, streamlined communication, and the swift optimization of design processes.

Low-code technology has emerged as a pivotal catalyst in the digital transformation of the automotive sector, granting engineers the capacity to create applications, workflows, and business processes with minimal coding requirements. Notable industry players like BMW, Hyundai, and EDAG have successfully integrated low-code solutions into their operations, resulting in accelerated design iteration and optimization, alongside substantial time and cost reductions.

His presentation offers tangible, real-world instances of how to implement low-code technology and harness its potential for agile hardware development. By the conclusion of this session, you will gain a deeper understanding of the vital role digital transformation plays in maintaining competitiveness within the ever-evolving business landscape of today.

Watch the session

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