November 10, 2021

Generative development

Automobil Industrie article: Automated generation of variants for additive components

Generative development, a process enabling automated adaptation of additively manufactured components to specific usage conditions during development, is discussed in this article. Due to the impact of fixed development costs on the price of such components, saving in the development process is crucial. EDAG employs "generative engineering," wherein the component's path, not just its design, is defined. Once the construction principle or "DNA" is established, the workflow can be repeated with adjustments to boundary conditions, such as loads, materials, or manufacturing processes.

In practical terms, this means developers can input parameters and receive a component that adapts accordingly. EDAG has applied this approach using the low-code platform "ELISE" to quickly develop a production-ready Isofix holder. The process includes importing geometric conditions, FE calculation models, topology optimization using Hexagon's "HxGN Emendate" solver, and validation with Altair's "Optistruct." The resulting component is then subjected to complete vehicle crash simulation, dynamic simulation, and production preparation within the ELISE platform.

An additively manufactured Isofix holder: significantly fewer iterations were required for its development.

The linked software modules in ELISE create a continuous, automated process that generates new component variants when boundary conditions change. The engineers can use interim results for manual designs, reducing manual change loops. In a specific example, the automated development process reduced manual iterations from ten to three, resulting in a 40% time saving, even with an initially time-consuming setup. The method not only lowers development costs but also enhances component value through lightweight construction. For the Isofix holder, the weight was reduced by 41%, improving the profitability of additively manufactured components and paving the way for small-series production.

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Would you like to learn more about Generative Engineering? Read the full article in Automobil Industrie (in german) and discover the benefits of this innovative approach.

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