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August 25, 2021

Cooperation with RLE international

Synera and engineering service provider RLE cooperate in optimizing and automating development processes

When developing technical products, engineers still have to rely on many manual steps. In engineering, there is very little evidence of automated processes to date. Rather, the entire development process takes place in sequential phases. Now, the Synera (formerly known as ELISE) platform opens up a completely new approach to finally achieve an automated development process.

In cooperation with the engineering service provider RLE International, Synera enables engineers to develop their products and bring them to market much faster than before.
For this purpose, the open Synera platform deeply integrates into the product development process. Until now, concept development, design, simulation and manufacturing have worked in independent divisions. The result is perfect isolated solutions, between which engineers have to constantly turn new iteration loops in order to reconcile their results. This requires a great deal of manual effort, because the boundary conditions for components change regularly. Until now, a new refining round has been due every time. This costs a lot of time, which is lacking for the search for innovations.

As an open development platform, Synera takes a completely different approach. It automates all processes and thus brings speed into the development process. To this end, the platform integrates necessary process steps such as simulations and CAD design with the associated software into a technical DNA. Similar to nature, this blueprint brings together the rules according to which a part “grows”. Rather than the component itself, only the way to get there is designed and automatically run through. The entire development process is thus structured in a continuous and automated workflow. With the logic mapped in the DNA, adjustments to changed boundary conditions can be made quickly and easily. With Synera, an engineer only creates the set of rules once, but then leaves the development steps and iterations to the software.

With this principle of generative engineering, the open development platform automates the entire development process. The result is countless variants of a part from which the developer can choose. In this way, he can achieve the optimum of the component in the shortest possible time, something that he has not been able to do in the past due to time constraints.
In addition to a new development process, this revolutionary idea also requires new tools. Synera is working with RLE International to implement this. This innovative engineering service provider will support users in implementing the open development platform. However, the company will also develop its own software and integrate it into Synera. This will provide design engineers with customized solutions for their specific case. This is possible because Synera, as an open platform, supports the integration of different software solutions. Users put together the perfect environment of tools for them there themselves or with the help of service providers – unlike in the closed development systems that have dominated the market to date.

With this cooperation, RLE International is pursuing the goal of further strengthening the digital transformation in engineering and providing its customers with optimized and innovative development competencies. In return, RLE uses its many years of experience to support the platform developers at Synera in the design and creation of automated solutions.

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