July 1, 2024

Connected Engineering

Konstruktionspraxis guest article by our Silver Partner ARRK Engineering

Digital turbo for the design process

ARRK Engineering has enhanced its high-voltage battery simulation process using the Synera low-code engineering platform, significantly reducing time-to-market. Our platform supports digitalisation, process automation, and interdisciplinary collaboration, essential in addressing the complexities of vehicle electrification.

Traditionally, simulation phases in automotive development are bottlenecked, with CAD engineers waiting weeks for results and struggling to integrate CAE expertise into live tools. This delays time-to-market, a critical issue in the competitive automotive industry. ARRK Engineering, an automotive development partner, leverages Synera’s platform to streamline and enhance its development processes, making them more efficient and robust.

Synera’s platform allows teams to model engineering processes digitally, facilitating seamless exchange of expertise and workflow automation without needing programming knowledge. This approach enables engineers to reuse and adapt existing modules, drastically reducing manual efforts for repetitive tasks. The platform’s compatibility with common CAD and CAE applications allows direct model creation and simulation automation, eliminating information silos and reducing errors. It also supports AI module integration and visual workflow descriptions, making it accessible despite varying programming knowledge.

ARRK Engineering demonstrated Synera’s capabilities through a feasibility study involving a Design of Experiments (DoE) workflow. This dynamic simulation analyzed the lateral collision of a high-voltage storage structure with a pile. The automated workflow included the creation and simulation of various CAD variants of the storage system. Function blocks were created by different teams, and a parametric CAD model and FE model were generated automatically. Synera’s integration with ARRK’s simulation infrastructure allowed seamless simulation processes, utilizing tools like ANSA, LS-Dyna, and Animator. The automated process chain created through Synera enabled mapping numerous variables without programming expertise.

Complete process as modelled in Synera.

The results, visualized through customizable dashboards, allowed easy evaluation of different design variants. The radar plot feature enabled direct comparison of technical parameters. This CAD-based DoE approach facilitated more complex scenarios compared to traditional methods. Reinhard Leibiger, Senior Engineer Simulation at ARRK Engineering, emphasized the automation of the entire DoE process, from design variant creation to result evaluation, enabling future project savings in design validation.

The lateral collision of a high-voltage storage structure with a pile was analysed in a dynamic simulation. The workflow allows automatically generate and simulate a large number of different CAD variants of the high-voltage storage system.

Overall, Synera's low-code platform has shown to significantly speed up and simplify collaboration between specialist departments in complex workflows, leading to a 30% reduction in waiting times and preventing errors from outdated data. Felix Klutzny, Mechanical Design Engineer at ARRK Engineering, highlighted that such collaboration could revolutionize automotive design, making the process faster, leaner, and more cost-effective, thus advancing the affordability of electromobility.

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About ARRK Engineering (Synera Silver Partner)

ARRK Engineering is a global development partner for automotive and mobility, offering end-to-end support for product development. This includes concept phase, series development, validation, and integration of mechanical and electronic components. Our expertise extends to e-mobility, autonomous driving, and software development in a digitalized environment. Efficient project management ensures we meet development goals with our customers.


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