August 8, 2023

Enhance Engineering Efficiency

Konstruktionspraxis article: Save time and costs thanks to seamless engineering processes

In the complex landscape of engineering, where challenges continually arise, finding ways to streamline processes, save time, and reduce costs can be invaluable. In this context, the concept of a solution that facilitates more efficient engineering practices becomes intriguing. One such initiative that has garnered attention is the adoption of the Synera Low-Code Platform by Airbus, aimed at revolutionizing its engineering processes and achieving notable outcomes.

Airbus' quantum leap: Accelerating product development by 80%

Airbus, a significant player in the aviation industry, has sought to address the intricate and resource-intensive nature of product development through the implementation of the Synera platform. This platform is presented as a tool that enhances efficiency and addresses common pain points engineers face. The conventional engineering landscape is known for its challenges such as incompatible software and manual data transfers. The promise of Synera is to alleviate these issues through the concept of Connected Engineering.

Airbus Aerostructures, a key player in aircraft structure manufacturing, has made strides by adopting Connected Engineering principles. Through this transition, a substantial portion of their product development process witnessed an acceleration of around 80%. The focus is not solely on expediting the process but also on emphasizing the intricate coordination required during product creation.

Synera: A Low-Code Engineering Platform

The core of this transformation lies in Synera, a Low-Code Development Platform. This platform presents a visual language for design, aiming to unify various parameters and software tools across the product development spectrum. The platform's strength lies in its ability to facilitate the exchange of information between different models, leading to reduced development time and minimized errors.

The transition to a digitalized and automated product development process holds the promise of enhanced efficiency. The results experienced by Airbus highlight that tasks that once took months can now be completed within days. This adaptability extends to the capability to swiftly replace sequences, ensuring a responsive development process.

Every tool, every team, and every task are united with a digitalized and automated process. Airbus is living proof of the power of this shift. But it doesn't stop at mere speed; it extends to weight reduction and resource optimization. Airbus has wielded the Synera platform to craft specialized 3D-printed components that are both lighter and quicker to produce. Take, for example, the stabilizing component nestled within the A320 – a vital piece that shoulders part of the aircraft's weight. With Synera, this component can now be developed 80 percent faster. This is not just speed for speed's sake; it's the ripple effect of efficiency, transcending time and cost.

Auxiliary stabilization point of the Airbus A320 developed 80 percent faster with Synera's low-code platform.

Charting a New Course: The Future of Engineering

The evolution from traditional, time-consuming processes to Connected Engineering is evident through the application of Synera's platform. Airbus' success in reducing the weight of A320 components by 40% while saving an impressive 80% of development time signifies a shift in the engineering paradigm.

In the ever-evolving world of engineering, the Synera Low-Code Development Platform emerges as a potential solution. It addresses the challenges associated with disparate tools and manual data transfer, ushering in a more efficient era. Through these improved processes, both Airbus and Synera have opened the door to new possibilities in engineering practices.

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