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November 10, 2020

HABO Engineering App enables optimal cooling pipes

Pierre developed a generative algorithm that enables optimal cooling pipe routing

Optimal cooling pipes through the engine compartment of an electric performance car

At the engineering service provider HABO Engineering, employees are looking for new, generative CAD tools to improve the development process. The method of generative engineering offers great potential for this. Together with Synera (formerly known as ELISE), HABO engineer Pierre has now developed an app that uses this approach. He shows us in the video what fantastic improvements the designers can achieve with it. As an open software platform, Synera can be extended by users at any time through apps developed by themselves, such as Pierre’s.

For example, cooling cables and two components are to be integrated into the engine compartment of a car. Up to now, the parts are planned for this purpose, only then do the developers design the cables. This hierarchy is necessary in order not to make the process too complicated. However, it prevents the optimal construction site for the lines from being found.

Synera enables HABO to seamlessly combine most of the development features in one platform. The engineers use it to plan the components simultaneously rather than consecutively. In this way, they find the optimal place for each. Pierre gives the software the position of the components. Then the algorithm calculates the optimal space for the cables. And the app developed by Pierre even calculates the pressure drop in the cooling pipes, depending on their length and course. The result is not only better than traditional CAD models. The design is also much faster and thus saves costs.

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