February 1, 2024

Introducing EOSPRINT Connector

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking addition to the Synera platform

The EOSPRINT Connector in Synera’s Marketplace: Spark your additive manufacturing workflows!

We are excited to announce the introduction of the EOSPRINT Connector, an addition to the Synera marketplace. This connector addresses critical challenges in additive manufacturing, offering a seamless solution to transform the entire design-to-print workflow.

Addressing additive manufacturing challenges

While creating CAD is traditionally disconnected from the additive manufacturing process, Synera bridges this gap. Slicing parts, applying process parameters, and sending build files to the printer are crucial steps that often occur in separate stages. Setting up individual build parameters for numerous parts in an SLS build is an uphill task with standard build prep tools.

Key Ffeatures of EOSPRINT Connector

The Connector introduces key features designed to streamline the additive manufacturing workflow:

  1. Algorithmic Build Parameter Application: This connector allows algorithmic application of individual build parameters to hundreds of parts based on your preferred methodology.
  2. Customizable Process Parameters: Designers can customize adjustable process parameters, providing flexibility in the additive manufacturing process.
  3. OpenJZ Build File Generation: Generate and send OpenJZ build files seamlessly, with the option to direct them to your EOS machine, ensuring a hassle-free printing process.
  4. Accurate Build Time Estimation: Utilize EOS's algorithm to calculate precise estimates of build time directly from EOS Print, enabling informed decision-making during trade-off analysis and optimization workflows.

Why it matters

The EOSPRINT Connector significantly reduces manual work, transforming tasks that would take hours into a matter of minutes. It establishes a seamless design-to-print workflow with no manual interaction, seamlessly integrating into the MES system of your choice. Accurate build time estimation empowers designers to make informed decisions, enhancing the overall efficiency of the additive manufacturing process.

Seamless integration with Synera for enhanced workflows

The EOSPRINT Connector seamlessly integrates into Synera's platform, offering engineers a unified and efficient solution. This integration eliminates the disconnected stages in the additive manufacturing process, providing a cohesive and streamlined experience for designers.

Empowering engineers, driving Efficiency

The EOSPRINT Connector exemplifies Synera's commitment to innovation and efficiency. By addressing the challenges in additive manufacturing, this connector empowers engineers to navigate the complexities of the design-to-print workflow with unparalleled ease. As Synera continues to push the boundaries of engineering solutions, the EOS Print Connector emerges as a transformative tool, meeting and exceeding the demands of modern design challenges.

Conclusion: Transforming additive manufacturing workflows

In conclusion, the EOSPRINT Connector significantly advances additive manufacturing workflows. Synera's dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions is evident in this integration, which streamlines processes and unlocks new possibilities in additive manufacturing. Engineers embracing the EOSPRINT Connector gain access to a tool that revolutionizes the design-to-print journey, paving the way for a more efficient and precise additive manufacturing process.

Download EOSPRINT Connector

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EOS provides responsible manufacturing solutions via industrial 3D printing technology to manufacturers around the world. Connecting high quality production efficiency with its pioneering innovation and sustainable practices, the independent company will shape the future of manufacturing. Powered by its platform-driven digital value network of machines and a holistic portfolio of services, materials and processes.
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