December 4, 2020

Recent winner of the KfW Award 2020

Bremen start-up Elise is just about to make a big score

Bremen-based start-up ELISE, winner of the KfW Entrepreneurs' Award 2020 and the Sparkasse Bremen Start-up Prize, is gaining attention for its innovative approach to product development. The company, founded in 2018 by Dr. Moritz Maier, Sebastian Möller, and Daniel Siegel, introduces the concept of "technical DNA" to streamline and accelerate the design and construction of products.

In the traditional development process, engineers receive various requirements from different departments, such as technical specifications, cost constraints, and material preferences. These requirements are subject to frequent changes due to factors like market demands, technological advancements, and fluctuating raw material prices, often necessitating a restart of the design process.

ELISE's solution involves the creation of technical DNA through software. This innovative approach collects all the requirements for a component and generates a set of rules. The resulting design is then created based on these rules. Importantly, if conditions change, the software can automatically adapt individual parameters and generate new design variants, significantly speeding up the development process.

ELISE's platform operates as a bridge between different departments, allowing data import and export from standard programs like Excel spreadsheets, ERP software, and CAD programs. This interconnected platform facilitates collaboration across various functions, such as purchasing, marketing, and research.

The company has received recognition for its groundbreaking approach, winning awards such as the Sparkasse Bremen Start-up Award and the KfW Entrepreneurs Bremen Award. ELISE's clientele includes well-known companies such as Ariane Group, Volkswagen, BMW Group, Premium Aerotec, and EDAG. The latter reported a 50% reduction in development times and a 40% weight savings in a battery holder design thanks to ELISE's software.

In addition to technical DNA, ELISE's software incorporates generative design (GD), optimizing technical designs through algorithms. The company aims to provide a comprehensive solution called "generative engineering," streamlining the entire product development process and allowing engineers to focus more on design and less on organizational tasks.

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