December 19, 2023

Revolution in cost engineering

Synera streamlines cost engineering by effectively combining automation, tools and human expertise

Synera, provider of a low-code engineering process automation platform, together with its partners ARRK Engineering and FACTON, is delivering a new type of cost engineering solution that significantly reduces the complexity of cost planning and optimises real-time cost calculations. Based on Synera's low-code engineering platform, the application integrates industry-standard tools and expertise from ARRK Engineering and FACTON in an automated process. The easy-to-use solution provides engineers with accurate, real-time estimates of component costs and CO2 emissions. They can also respond more quickly to changes as the project progresses. Purchasing departments benefit from simple and efficient procurement processes and a high level of transparency.

Cost engineering is complex and time consuming
Cost engineers are faced with the challenging task of integrating a variety of different tools and methods into their cost calculations: endless spreadsheets, custom software, API calls, web-based services or specialised CO2 databases. "The cost engineering team has to navigate a complex environment. Their expertise is the basis for decisions such as determining the most cost-effective production technology based on production volume," says Ralf Altpeter, General Manager at FACTON, a leading provider of cost engineering software.

When it comes to costing, coordinating data exchange, scheduling meetings and waiting for input from experts are necessary steps, but they often lead to delays. This can take hours or even days to complete a single quote, preventing the purchasing department from purchasing components at a favourable cost. "Up to 40 per cent of inefficiencies are caused by colleagues sitting in meetings, doing repetitive manual work or copying data back and forth between different CAx tools," explains Moritz Maier, Co-founder and co-CEO of Synera.

Three partners, one solution
Synera as a company for process automation in engineering, ARRK Engineering as a development partner for the automotive and mobility industry and FACTON as an expert in cost calculation together offer a solution for the efficient implementation of cost engineering. The solution is based on the Synera low-code engineering platform with a simple visual programming environment. At the heart of the platform design is the ability to capture, unify and reuse fragmented knowledge and data from different software tools, including PLM, PDM and CAD data. ARRK is the development partner responsible for implementing the customised solutions. "Our service is changing the landscape of cost estimation. The live connection between Synera's geometric data and FACTON's professional costing tool enables accurate insights that lead to optimal component cost decisions and directly support purchasing," says Petrus Petrus, Head of Digitalisation at ARRK Engineering GmbH.

All elements and tools are connected and integrated into automated workflows. They form the basis for reliable and intellectually sound decisions. Building on this foundation, the open API architecture provides a further level of customisation. It supports the uncomplicated integration of the FACTON costing tool and thus fits effortlessly into the existing technical system. This makes it easier to adapt to specific pricing and procurement requirements. The system's integrated CAD capabilities allow for in-depth geometric analysis, resulting in highly accurate estimates of costs and CO2 emissions. They also optimise inefficiencies caused by human interaction.

One solution, many benefits
The integrated approach and breadth of functionality significantly reduces the complexity associated with cost planning. The intuitive canvas-style interface ensures a high level of user-friendliness. It allows cost engineers to easily set up automated workflows using drag and drop, without the need for programming skills. The solution simplifies workflow creation and facilitates real-time process documentation and troubleshooting. It delivers significant cost savings, accelerates the design-to-cost process and ultimately increases transparency and confidence.

"We are very pleased about the successful cooperation with ARRK and FACTON. With our combined expertise, we offer cost planning and procurement professionals in manufacturing companies a comprehensive solution that fully automates cost planning and calculation. It refines and optimises the entire cost engineering process, making it more scalable, more reliable and less error-prone, as decisions are made by rules and fact-based algorithms," says Moritz Maier. Another aspect that goes hand in hand with automation is competitive advantage. "By calculating prices and performing cost analyses faster, cost engineers can evaluate and compare different alternatives more quickly. This goes hand in hand with shorter time-to-market," Maier continues.

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About ARRK Engineering

ARRK Engineering is part of the international ARRK Group and specialises in all services related to product development. As a strategic development partner with more than 1,000 employees, it has been providing comprehensive and independent support to customers in the premium segment for 50 years. Together with its sister companies, product development is realised from virtual development to prototypes and small series production. The globally active ARRK Engineering Division, which emerged from P+Z Engineering GmbH, has offices in Germany, Romania, the UK and Japan.

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FACTON EPC is the leading Enterprise Product Costing (EPC) solution for the automotive, aerospace, engineering and electronics industries. FACTON enables maximum transparency of product costs through standardised, cross-location and cross-departmental costing across the enterprise. FACTON combines the business view of products with the technical view of engineers. As a result, the costs of complex products can be controlled at an early stage and throughout all phases of the product lifecycle. With FACTON, companies can accelerate their cost calculations, achieve a high level of cost accuracy and ensure profitability.

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