November 6, 2023

Synera Podcast Episode 4 is now live!

Get to know Mike Grau (Synera) and find out how low-code solutions are shaping the engineering landscape

In the fourth episode of the Connected Engineering podcast, Mike Grau discusses the evolving role of engineers and how modern technology, particularly low-code solutions like Synera, is shaping the engineering landscape. Mike shares his journey from being a mechanical engineer and working methods in the software industry by giving his perspective on simplifying mechanical engineering processes.

Mike emphasizes the need for engineers to transition from being specialists to becoming decision-makers who leverage insights and knowledge, highlighting that effective communication and collaboration are key in making the right decisions at the right time.

He introduces the concept of low-code solutions as a way to streamline engineering workflows, emphasizing that it eliminates the need for engineers to manually document their processes, making it easier to capture and share knowledge.

Mike discusses the challenges engineers face in adopting new technology and addresses common objections, such as the fear of change and the investment in existing systems. He encourages engineers to embrace the shift towards low code, emphasizing that it can significantly enhance their productivity and effectiveness.

The conversation touches on the importance of centralizing knowledge and using low code to capture and share expertise among engineers. Mike also explores how engineers will evolve into generalists who make decisions based on insights and information gathered from various disciplines.

The discussion highlights the potential of low code in unifying fragmented tools and creating an integrated, self-learning, and collaborative environment for engineering processes. Mike shares a real-world example of how Synera's low-code platform can be applied to streamline cable routing processes and improve collaboration among engineering departments.

Synera's mission is clear: to give every engineer the freedom and power to shape the future through process innovation, ultimately transforming the way we approach engineering workflows and product development.

Listen to Episode 4

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