December 4, 2023

Synera Podcast Episode 5 is now live!

Get to know Rhushik Matroja (CDS) and gain insight into the key role of AI in 3D modelling

In the fifth episode of our Connected Engineering podcast, we spotlight the visionary Rhushik Matroja and his role in AI-driven manufacturing.

Rhushik, the CEO and co-founder of Cognitive Design Systems, takes center stage in this episode to share his extensive background as a mechanical design engineer, offering a unique perspective shaped by seven years of experience in Japan. His tenure involved designing components for major automotive players such as Nissan, Toyota, and Mitsubishi, establishing a robust foundation for what would later become the driving force behind Cognitive Design Systems (CDS).

Rhushik discusses the missing link in the traditional design-to-manufacturing process. His keen observations, gathered while operating as a service bureau producing parts for renowned companies, led him to identify the critical need for integrating manufacturing insights into the CAD environment. CDS was born from the ambition to bridge the gap between design and manufacturing, incorporating valuable insights to create marketable products.

In this episode, we explore AI's pivotal role in 3D modeling and numerical simulation, with a particular focus on additive manufacturing. Rhushik introduces the concept of using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to steer the design process, optimize parameters, and achieve goals such as enhancing manufacturability or reducing costs.

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About Cognitive Design Systems (CDS)

Cognitive Design Systems is a product design platform created to enable designers and engineers generate designs using AI. CDS aims to democratize design consultancy and shorten the design cycle process by optimizing design manufacturability.

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