Engineering Automation with RLE International

RLE optimizes processes using Synera technology, automating tasks for quicker time to market. We integrate customer-specific methods and tools into projects, leveraging our expertise as the first Synera Gold Partner to ensure tailored solutions and efficient automation workflows.

About RLE International

RLE International, a leading engineering service provider with 40 years of experience, specializes in automotive solutions globally. Their expertise includes vehicle development, powertrain engineering, digital solutions and automation solutions with Synera in particular. This sets them apart, enabling  pioneering work in connected vehicle technologies.

As the world's first Synera Gold Partner, they demonstrate unmatched commitment to excellence, delivering high-quality solutions and exceeding client expectations, solidifying their reputation as industry leaders.

RLE Services

Rollout and implementation

Implement automation workflows, get Synera training by certified trainers, conduct use case analyses, integrate tools, and receive support.

CAE automation

Automated CAE validation and design variants streamline product development, saving resources and budget.

AI Prediction in the engineering environment

AI Prediction links complex validation tasks to real-time development, preventing dead ends early and enhancing concept maturity for efficient  development.

Automation Capabilities

Synera engineers: 16

Synera trainers: 3

Completed projects: 30+

Locations: 2

Germany, USA

Languages: 2

German, English

Synera Success Stories by RLE International

There’s always been a gap between CAD design and CAE analysis. With Synera, I can now connect the two without jumping between different software tools.

Tilman Steininger

Team lead Connected Engineering,
RLE International

RLE International Partner Contact

Christoph Laufenberg

Sales & Business Development &
Synera Partner Manager
+49 172 479434