Painlessly Scale Process Automation

Enable unlimited users inside your organization to execute engineering automations via an easy-to-use web interface.

Instant value automations

Publish your Synera automation workflows inside your company’s network – ready for anyone to use. Instant value for unlimited users with neither onboarding nor installation. No more isolated genius.

UI builder and 3D viewer

Build intuitive user interfaces for even the most complex automations. Choose from a variety of UI controls and visualizations to let users upload and enter data, inspect results and retrieve their outputs.

Powerful integrations

Synera Run supports all the core and add-in functionality known from the Desktop application – including 3D modeling, optimization, data analysis, structural mechanics and manufacturing preparation.

Built-in IP protection

Workflows and data are never exposed. Let users benefit from your automations without giving away your secret sauce. Likewise, user-data is protected from inspection by anyone but themselves.

Understanding Synera Run

Your automations hosted on your infrastructure

The Synera Run server is the central place for storing, sharing and running your automation workflows. Once set up on your local infrastructure, it acts as the hub between workflow creators and users. Workflows run on the server in individual per-user sessions, keeping each user’s data protected while also allowing to conduct computationally demanding automations from low performance hardware like laptops or mobile devices.

Share automation workflows in no time

Once your workflow is ready, mark the inputs and outputs required for your users inside the Synera application. Choose the geometries and results you want to be visualized and add descriptions to guide your users.
Publish the workflow to the Synera Run server with a single click, retrieve an access link and share it with your automation users.

Immediate value for unlimited users

Anyone with the link can run your automation in their web browser via an auto-generated user interface – no learning or installation required!
Users can set input values, upload data using countless formats including CAD, FEA or Excel, and start the automation. After completion, the interactive 3D viewer allows for inspection of the results and users can download the output data to their local machine.

Automation flexibility redefined

After publishing your workflow, Synera Run ensures that accessibility isn’t confined to just one platform. Our versatile interface ensures that team members can tap into the workflow from a multitude of entry points.

Web access

Directly access the workflow using any web browser. No installations required; just a straightforward web interface ready to deliver your engineering solutions.

Try it out yourself

Rest API

Developers and tech-savvy team members can interact with your workflow using our RestAPI, offering more flexibility and integration with other tools or platforms.

Synera Run was the breakthrough we needed to scale our workflow automation! We automate complex tasks in Synera and Synera Run allows anyone to immediately execute these automations with its very intuitive interface. The seamless and easy access to engineering knowledge means that manual requests and waiting times are eliminated and is a game changer for our productivity.

René Stach

Senior Manager Application Engineering Design,
Purem by Eberspächer

Frequently asked questions

Can I deploy Synera Run on a local server within my organization?

Absolutely! Synera Run is designed to be flexible. You can choose to deploy it on a local windows server within your organization to keep all processes and data in-house, ensuring additional security and control.

How do I share my workflows with my colleagues?

Sharing your workflows is seamless with Synera. Once you publish a workflow, the platform generates a unique URL. Simply share this link with your colleagues, and they can access and execute the workflow directly, without any additional installations or configurations.

Can workflows be accessed and executed across various platforms and interfaces?

Yes, Synera prides itself on its adaptability. Workflows can be accessed and executed across a range of platforms, from web browsers to RestAPI. This ensures that regardless of the tools or systems your team uses, Synera can integrate smoothly and keep everyone connected.

Can I integrate my existing legacy tools, such as Excel, and access them in the cloud through Synera?

Yes, Synera offers integrations for many legacy tools, including Excel. Once integrated, these tools can be accessed and utilized within the (private) cloud environment, enhancing their functionality and making it easier for your team to access and collaborate on shared resources from anywhere.