Accelerate the design to quote process for casted automotive parts

Discover everything about Hexagon Emendate’s new casting constraints inside Synera

In this webinar, you'll discover everything about Hexagon Emendate’s new casting constraints inside Synera. Explore the benefits of having casting manufacturability constraints within automated engineering workflows. By eliminating the need for time-consuming design iterations and the manual transfer of data between designers and casting engineers, Synera and Hexagon Emendate prioritize efficiency.

During the recorded session, you can discover:

  • Automation optimization: Witness how Synera’s platform empowers your team with streamlined workflows, reducing manual efforts, and accelerating the design process.
  • Cost savings: Discover how proper casting constraints in an optimization software can lead to significant cost savings by reducing design iterations and inefficiencies.
  • Enhanced competitiveness: Learn how adopting HxGN Emendate's casting constraints can give you a competitive edge in the automotive parts industry by optimizing designs and reducing time-to-market.
  • Live demonstration: Take part in a live demonstration of HxGN Emendate's new casting design feature.

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Our speakers

Andrew Sartorelli

Product Manager and Partnerships Manager

Synera GmbH

Lennart Krüger

Application Engineer


Thomas Reiher

Director Generative Design


Our partner



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