Agile Hardware Development

Watch a hands-on discussion on the challenges and considerations of agile hardware development in a fast-paced and complex environment.


In this webinar you will learn about the challenges and considerations of agile hardware development in a fast-paced and complex environment.

During the recorded session, you can learn:

  • Insights and best practices for efficiently bringing hardware products to market.
  • Agile engineering methodologies, prototyping, software tools, and related concepts.
  • How Reflex Aerospace is using these to push their satellite platform development to the extreme, becoming the fastest spacecraft manufacturer in Europe.
  • What are the major challenges right now and in the next 10 years? And how can organizations and their engineers adapt?

Our speakers

Dr. Moritz Maier


Synera GmbH

Marco Witzmann

Co-Founder & CEO


Alexander Genzel

Co-Founder & COO

Reflex Aerospace

Joe Justice



Our partner



Valispace aims to transform the collaborative engineering of complex hardware such as satellites, power plants and autonomous vehicles. Managing this growing complexity with Excel spreadsheets and emails is reaching its limits, leading to cost and schedule overruns. Valispace overcomes this problem by harnessing the power of web technologies: we develop browser-based software and APIs for data storage and collaboration. We aim to become the GitHub of hardware engineering: To enable engineers and designers around the world to collaborate in a streamlined way, just as Git has enabled efficient software collaboration.

Reflex Aerospace


Reflex Aerospace, a NewSpace startup founded in 2021 and headquartered in Munich and Berlin, is leading the charge to provide advanced dual-use satellite technology at unparalleled speed. The company is leveraging the latest techniques to modernize satellite development and production, achieving significantly faster delivery times and enhanced reliability. By applying algorithmic engineering and streamlined system design processes Reflex accelerates the delivery of payload-centric satellites to enable lightning-fast innovation for our customers.



WIKISPEED, a Seattle-based green automotive prototyping company, founded in 2006 by CEO Joe Justice, consists of skilled volunteers worldwide aiming to create safe, low-cost, ultra-efficient road-legal vehicles. They achieved 10th place in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize with the SGT-01, a 100+ mpg car developed in just 3 months without financial backing. WIKISPEED aims to revolutionize car manufacturing with collaborative rapid prototyping, resulting in 100+ mpg cars at economy car costs.

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