Altair Learning: Synera Basics - Intro to FEA Automation

Learning session hosted by Altair about the basics of Synera, especially addressing Altair users.


In this webinar you'll discover the essentials of using Synera by learning the basic functionalities of low-code workflow creation. This will enable you to automate your engineering processes. Thanks to our close partnership with Altair (the host of the webinar), the session is especially aimed at new users who want to use HyperMesh and OptiStruct more effectively.

During the recorded session, you can discover:

  • Learn how to identify automation potential
  • Learn the basics of low-code workflow creation
  • Learn how to bridge the gap of CAD, FEA and automatic reporting
  • Learn how to add automation to FE setups for HyperMesh and OptiStruct

Who is this webinar recording for?

  • CAD Designers
  • FEA Engineers
  • Users of Altair products

Our speakers

Marvin Frank

Head of Academy

Synera GmbH

Praveen. N.C

Senior manager: Strategic partnerships


Our partner



Altair provides enterprise engineering software that drives innovation, reduces development time, and lowers costs. Their integrated suite optimizes design performance across multiple disciplines and offers data analysis and realistic visualizations throughout the product lifecycle.

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