Engineering Workflow Automation in DfAM

Discover the power of Synera's automation solution: DfAM workflow unveiled!


During the recorded session, you'll discover Synera's automation prowess for Design for Additive Manufacturing:

  • Practical demonstrations: Witness Synera's automation capabilities through live workflow demonstrations tailored to DfAM scenarios.
  • Automation insights: Gain a comprehensive understanding of how Synera automates routine tasks, streamlines engineering workflows and enhances productivity.
  • Expert guidance: Engage with our expert during an interactive Q&A session, where your questions take center stage.
  • Seamless integration: Learn how Synera's software seamlessly integrates with your existing tool stack, empowering you to work smarter, not harder.

Interested in our DfAM Thought Leadership webinar? Watch the recording here: Process automation for engineers

Our speakers

Mike Grau

Presales Engineer

Synera GmbH

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