Release webinar 24.07 Keen Kratos

Step into Synera 24.06 Keen Kratos, packed with game-changing features!


In this webinar, ‎you will discover all the major improvements and get a glimpse into new capabilities of Synera, including:

  • Non-linear FEA support: Handle non-linear analyses inside Synera (for select solvers) without needing to use scripts. This includes support for non-linear materials, contacts, and large displacements, expanding the range of analyses that can be automated.
  • Error handling and debugging in Synera Run: Benefit from automatic error checks before publishing, direct feedback with resolution instructions, and customizable error messages. Users can now generate and send debug files for faster troubleshooting.
  • New Start page: A centralized hub for navigating Synera's features and content. Quickly access recent files, discover new templates, explore additional capabilities, and stay updated with an integrated news feed.
  • Marketplace updates: New add-ins are available in our marketplace!

Our speakers

Daniel Siegel

Managing Director & Head of Product

Synera GmbH

Andrew Sartorelli

Product Management Lead

Synera GmbH

Sophie Demmin

Product Manager

Synera GmbH

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