Release webinar 23.08 Heroic Horus

Step into Synera 23.08 Heroic Horus, packed with game-changing features!


In this webinar, ‎you will discover all the major improvements and get a glimpse into new capabilities of Synera, including:

  • Synera Run & Libraries: Streamline workflow sharing and organization with enhanced collaboration tools.
  • Timestamps: Precisely track changes with timestamps for efficient project management.
  • Dynamic Controls: Experience improved user interaction with dynamic controls.
  • Whiteboard Integration: Seamlessly brainstorm and ideate within Synera.
  • Stress Response Enhancement: Customize stress analysis with enhanced Stress Response nodes.
  • Parameter Study Automation: Trigger design exploration automatically via parameter changes.

Our speakers

Daniel Siegel

Managing Director & Head of Product

Synera GmbH

Marvin Frank

Head of Academy

Synera GmbH

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