Revolutionising Additive Manufacturing: The Ultimate Combo of CDS + Synera

Learn how engineers create next-generation products using Cognitive Additive in Synera's engineering workflow. This add-in engineers will get instant feasibility and cost KPIs at each design iteration.

This webinar shows how engineers are creating next-generation products using the Cognitive Add-in in Synera's design workflow, which is dramatically changing the way engineers design next-generation products. This add-in for engineers provides instant feasibility and cost KPIs at every design iteration.

The Cognitive Additive add-in helps engineers assess the feasibility and cost of their additive manufacturing (AM) parts. They can quickly estimate the production cost and manufacturability of any part for Powder Bed Fusion and Fused Filament Fabrication, automatically align their parts with multi-target optimisation, and identify the manufacturing risks of their designs. The results can be used as part of design of experiments (DOE) and optimisation loops, or even visualised in a visual dashboard.

You can download the Cognitive Add-In in our Marketplace.

Our speakers

Andrew Sartorelli

Product Manager and Partnerships Manager

Synera GmbH

Jousef Murad

Senior Product & Marketing Manager

Synera GmbH

Théo Berthomieu

Product Manager

Cognitive Design Systems

Our partner

Cognitive Design Systems


Cognitive Design Systems is a product design platform created to enable designers and engineers generate designs using AI. CDS aims to democratize design consultancy and shorten the design cycle process by optimizing design manufacturability.

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