Streamlining Battery Pack Design

Time constrains stifling your battery pack designs? Synera & Diabatix have the solution!


In this webinar, we explore the challenges of designing EV battery packs, focusing on the intricate balance between energy density, lifespan, safety, and cost. Traditional design tools often fall short in integrating these essential criteria effectively.

During the recorded session, you can discover:

  • Design and engineering challenges
    Delve into the complexity of design and engineering challenges for EV battery packs.
  • Accelerate design cycles through automation
    Learn how to use automated integration of software tools like MATLAB, Diabatix Coldstream, and CAD for efficient battery pack designs.
  • The power of Synera
    How to leverage Synera to achieve optimal designs, breaking free from constraints of disparate software and achieving engineering excellence.
  • Connecting engineering disciplines
    Learn about our solution for EV battery pack designs by connecting engineering disciplines and crucial criteria seamlessly.

Our speakers

Andrew Sartorelli

Product Management Lead

Synera GmbH

Jousef Murad

Senior Product & Marketing Manager

Synera GmbH

Roxane Van Mellaert

Chief Product Officer


Our partner



Diabatix, a Belgian engineering software firm, excels in thermal analysis and design. Pioneering topology optimization, generative design, and machine learning, Diabatix developed a technology that autonomously generates optimized thermal designs. It's a key player in generative design, serving high-tech multinationals across three continents, shaping a new product generation. Initially a consultancy, Diabatix transitioned to tech-enabled services, launching ColdStream in 2021, becoming a Software-as-a-Service company.

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