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Designspace Exploration (DoE)

Find optimal solutions with design space exploration & optimization

Leverage design exploration capabilities to explore various design alternatives and easily find optimal Solutions


Evaluating the performance of design configurations is time-consuming

Finding the optimal design can be a challenging and resource-intensive task, requiring the evaluation of the performance of each design configuration. Design space exploration algorithms help to address this challenge by systematically sampling the design space and evaluating the performance of the sampled designs, allowing for the efficient search for the best design within a set of constraints and objectives. However, until now, this method has only been accessible to experts.


Improve performance with our easy-to-use Design Space Exploration Workflow

By selecting and varying input parameters and measuring the resulting outputs, you can gain a better understanding of how a system or process behaves. Our low-code interface makes it easy for everyone to use this technology. This can help your team identify the most influential parameters and how they interact with each other, allowing you to optimize the design and improve the performance or efficiency of the system or process.

Better decision-making

By providing insights into the design space, design space exploration can help you make informed decisions about which design configurations to pursue and which to discard.

Improved efficiency

By systematically sampling and evaluating the performance of different design configurations, design space exploration algorithms can help you identify the optimal design more quickly and efficiently than manually evaluating each configuration.

Improved problem-solving

Design space exploration can also help you identify and troubleshoot problems or issues that may arise during the design process.

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